American Dairy Association North East hosts a variety of in-person and virtual events every year and employs a team of experts in experiential marketing. Whether an on-farm learning experience for kids, a small dinner for health professionals or a drive-through food distribution with our food bank partners, our team knows the best way to show you what dairy is all about.

Event Case Studies

During the pandemic, thousands of families suffered financially and required food assistance. ADANE spearheaded efforts to ensure CFAP and Nourish NY funds were used to purchase dairy from local processors. Getting nutritious milk into the hands of those in need was a huge undertaking involving over 250 distribution events. Each event required meticulous logistical coordination:

  • Develop site map and distribution flow for up to 1,200 vehicles per event
  • Develop procedures for distribution of dairy products for a quick, efficient and safe guest experience in compliance with CDC Covid-19 protocols
  • Create a robust database of community partners and volunteers, including the United Way, Salvation Army, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and other local organizations to support our efforts
  • Develop signage highlighting dairy farmers’ commitment to feeding the community

Results: To date over 900,000 gallons of milk have been distributed to families throughout the northeast.

Local Dairy Farmers supporting healthy lifestyles for school age children

Create high energy, celebratory, and immersive experiences to share dairy’s story with the Gen Z community. These events merge education in both nutrition and exercise to promote overall healthy habits in students’ daily lives.

  • Connect student ambassadors to dairy farmers, giving them a glimpse of what happens on a dairy farm and how dairy is responsibly produced
  • Host ‘taste test battles’ for students so they can choose what menu items they would prefer to be served in their school cafeterias
  • Create physical activity breaks like pizza-themed relay races, dairy-themed yoga sessions, game shows, and trivia that teach student ambassadors about dairy farming and the nutritional benefits of dairy foods
  • Identify and include relevant high-energy talent to infuse inspiration and engagement to make dairy’s story resonate with the Gen -Z audience using personalities like:
    • Emcees: Gia Peppers, Christian Crosby
    • Physical Activity Leaders like Deanna Robinson
    • DJ Hollywood
    • Yoga and Zumba Instructors
    • Chefs
    • Team Mascots
    • Current and Former professional athletes

Results: Over the past 10 years, thousands of Gen Z students have been empowered to build healthier school environments through events hosted by American Dairy Association North East.

Develop an event to engage the members of the media in promotion of dairy and garner earned media opportunities at the New York State Fair, the Pennsylvania Farm Show, and the Maryland State Fair.

  • Engage top media personalities in each market to compete against rival outlets in a milkshake contest for bragging rights and the Undeniably Dairy Shake-Off Trophy!
  • Recruit a VIP panel of judges to judge the milkshake contest. Past judges have included ADANE board members, State dairy princesses, local politicians & NFL players
  • Create a script for the emcee that both engages the audience through dairy trivia questions, and the celebrity media teams with questions about their dairy ingredients and friendly ‘trash talk’.

Results: Exciting, engaging news stories about dairy are featured by the participating news stations.

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