Consecutive 90-degree Fahrenheit days are for the dogs. That’s why they’re called the dog days of summer, no? Cows prefer the cool, crisp air of spring and fall. So when the temperatures spike, and we’re steeped in hazy, hot and humid conditions, how do farmers help cows chill in the heat?

Top 5 Ways to Keep Cows Cool During Summer

#1 – Misters and Sprinklers… or water hose!

Misters and sprinklers are not just for toddlers on a spray ground. Cows at Mapleview Dairy find sprinklers refreshing, too.

#2 – Large Fans

Large fans at Lamb Farms and Woody Hill Farm help cows beat the heat and high humidity.

#3 – Cool, Cool Water

As much water as they need to quench their thirst is what Ivy Lakes dairy farmers give their animals. Adult cows drink a bathtub full of water a day. That’s about 50 gallons. Imagine having to pay that water bill!

#4 – Barns!

The ultimate for cows. Barns protect cows from weather and provide them with comfortable places to rest in the shade. No wonder cows don’t always run for the hills every chance they get.

#5 – Curtains

dairy barn curtains

Didn’t know barns had curtains? Neither did I! They help farmers regulate the barn temperature throughout the year.

Even with everything dairy farmers do to keep cows comfortable in the summer heat, sometimes cows take matters into their own hands….

Mischievous, aren’t they?

Personally, I like the summer heat. But when it gets to be too much, my favorite way to cool off is to jump in a lake and go for a swim. Either that, or find a shady spot to sit and enjoy a vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. How do you keep you keep cool in the summer heat?