Darkness may be a friend to some. For cows, it’s a different story. Aside from 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted darkness needed for their beauty sleep, cows like… and I mean *really* like… daylight. They’re more comfortable when it’s light out. Who can blame them?

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Cows Take Shine to LEDs

This time of year, natural daylight is in limited supply. Some farmers are using LED lighting in their barns to give cows their needed 14 to 16 hours of light each day – it’s what they’re used to in summertime.

Cows standing in a line in a barn

Fulper Family Farmstead installed new energy-friendly LED lights in their milking parlor. Photo via Fulper Family Farmstead. 

LEDs provide high-energy efficiency and they have an astounding 100,000-hour operating life! More efficient technologies like LEDs can reduce lighting energy use by 50 to 70%, while increasing cow comfort.

No S.A.D. Cows Here

Missing out on light can be depressing and lead to less productivity. Same with cows! The lack of light slows down their metabolism. Adequate lighting in the barn creates a natural rhythm for cows, making them more comfortable and can have a positive impact on how much milk they make. Speaking of milk, it’s among the 4 foods you should eat to stave off seasonal depression.

More Time for Cud

Back to cows… Cows commonly chew their cud when they’re comfortable and relaxed.

Calf laying down

Photo via Lamb Farms

Farmers go to great lengths to keep cows in a routine. It’s what cows like best. LED lights aren’t the only way to go. What makes them a standout is that in addition to their low energy use, there’s very little maintenance with LED lights.

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