Looking for an afternoon snack? Don’t pass up on this opportunity to improve your body composition, increase lean mass and support long-term health.

Include a recovery shake as a bedtime meal, midday snack or throw it in your morning routine. Adding items such as fish oil, berries, and green tea, orange and yellow produce will support a healthy immune system and help to fight against inflammation.

Bedtime recovery

Focus on consuming slow releasing and fast acting protein as part of your bed time meal prior to sleep. Consuming a Nutrition Shake during the night time will help athletes to fight the catabolic effects of a long fasting period without any nutrient intake.

Follow this simple recipe to help you recover:
(Makes two large servings)

1 Scoop of Whey Protein
10 oz of Skim Milk or Lactaid (if lactose intolerant)
1 Scoop of Cottage Cheese (slow releasing Protein to help you recover longer)
½ Cup Strawberry
1 Banana
2 Tsbp of Natural Peanut Butter Butter or Fish Oil

Blend the ingredients together for at least 1 Minute and enjoy Add ½ Cup of Dry Oatmeal for increased energy through the day.