Rocky Point Farm and Creamery

Family Members: Chuck and Paula Fry, and their daughter, Gail

Number of Milking Cows: 170

How long have you been involved in dairy farming?

All of my life. Our farm has been a family farm since 1883.

What inspired you to become a dairy farmer?

My dad’s love of the farm and family. I wanted to continue the dairy that he started in 1952.

What’s your favorite part about being a dairy farmer?

I love milk and ice cream! The ability to work with cows and crops to make a great food. Today everyone wants to know where their food comes from and we can show and tell them from our cows to the ice cream cone! We love to share our story with our neighbors and the community.

Share your favorite farm family memory.

Growing up on the farm with my parents and grandparents, and then being able to share that lifestyle with my children and grandchildren.