Phillips/Nelson Family
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Phillips/Nelson Family

Farmers in Pattersonville, NY

Phillips/Nelson Family

Dellavale Farm

Family Members: Terri Phillips and husband, Tom Nelson, and their nieces and nephews.

Number of Milking Cows: 46

Farm Awards:

The farm will be honored with a Century Farm Award in January 2019.

"People have this perception of farms, that because we’re small, that we do everything the way they did 100 year ago. We don't. We try to keep up with the technology. Technology isn’t there to hurt people. Technology helps us to continue producing a quality, safe product, only now we do it even more efficiently. "
- Tom Nelson

what makes you so passionate about dairy farming?

It's the nutritional value of the product that we make and that I love all of the animals. I have been around cows all my life, and that's what I like! 

How do you ensure your animals stay comfortable?
We try to get them outside as much as possible and try to make sure they’re comfortable if they can’t go outside. We have rubber mats for them to stand on and make sure they have enough room in their stalls, and that type of a thing. 

What makes you good stewards of the land?
Using the no-till practice and rotating crops. We have to depend on the land and so if we don’t take care of it, it won’t take care of us. 

What's unique about your farm?

Our plaid-painted barn! Through our cooperative, Cabot honored our 100 years of farming by having the barn painted in their signature plaid.

We also offer farm tours to students so that they can learn where milk comes from, have FFA kids out to the farm learning about agriculture and dairy farming practices, and loan our animals to the 4-H kids. We've hosted special tours for bloggersOur farm is involved in lots of public education! Anytime there's a function going on and I can bring a calf to it, I do it. 

Questions answered by Terri Phillips.

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