Most people only see dairy products at their local grocery store or supermarket. We work with dairy processors and retailers across the region to help connect customers with the farmers who make their favorite foods possible. 

Through signage, best practices, and regular check-ins, we help make sure customers enjoy their trip to the dairy case. 


Consumers spend an average of 60 seconds in the dairy aisle. The American Dairy Association North East works with top retailers to increase dairy sales by implementing programs that showcase dairy’s quality, variety, freshness and nutritional value.

Best Packable Dairy Foods

Packing your child’s lunch is a great way to ensure healthy, well-balanced meals. See our suggestions below to help keep lunches creative and interesting for kids of all ages!

Dairy Case Best Practices

The American Dairy Association North East  provides general consultation to retailers on dairy case best practices. Annual audits, of more than 1,800 dairy aisles, identify and provide solutions to potential issues affecting dairy sales – such as cleanliness, freshness and temperature. Merchandising opportunities, including pairing dairy products with complimentary foods outside the dairy aisle, are recommended to retailers to increase sales.

Dairy Aisle Reinvention

The dairy department generates superior returns, earning 19% of store profit from only 3% of store space. The Dairy Aisle Reinvention program contemporizes the look of the dairy case; encourages shoppers to spend more time in the aisle with three-dimensional signage that calls out nutritional benefits and recipes; and simplifies products into categories like "snacks, probiotics and on-the-go."

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Retail Program Participants

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