Price Chopper’s PICS Milk: Product of the Northeast 

Price Chopper’s PICS Milk is bottled in the Northeast with the help of over 500 Northeast dairy farms. Check out this video to see how PICS Milk travels from cows to their store shelves, through an example of one of these 500 dairy farms: Wagner Farms in Poestenkill NY!

Dairy Aisle Reinvention

Most Americans spend over a minute per visit to the grocery store in the dairy aisle!

The American Dairy Association North East works with the top retailers in the region to make sure signage is clear, products are as fresh as possible, and tasty dairy pairings are within arm's reach. 

The Dairy Department generates superior returns, earning 19% of store profit from only 3% of store space. The Dairy Aisle Reinvention program contemporizes the look of the dairy case; encourages shoppers to spend more time in the aisle with three-dimensional signage that calls out nutritional benefits and recipes; and simplifies products into categories like "snacks, probiotics and on-the-go."

Dairy Aisle Reinvention In Action

Recent reinvention projects have focused on sharing to stories of local dairy farmers who produce milk available at local stores. 

Dairy Case Best Practices

ADANE provides general consultation and other resources to retailers on dairy case best practices. Annual visits to more than 1,800 dairy aisles provide solutions to prevent potential issues affecting dairy sales - such as cleanliness, freshness and temperature.

We also share strategies with grocers to make sure complimentary foods are easy to find with product pairing programs! 

Contact us to learn more about these programs! 

Retail Toolkits & Dairy Resources for Registered Dietitians 

Retail Toolkits
& Dairy Resources for
Registered Dietitians

Gluten-Free Doesn’t Mean Dairy-Free

On a gluten-free diet? Learn tips on how to safely consume your favorite dairy products if you have celiac disease. 

Dairy Good Foods for Your Heart
Find out which nutrients in dairy help protect your heart and get DASH diet recommendations for daily dairy intake. 

Dairy 101 Cabot Healthy You Toolkit
This kit will arm you with valuable information about the health benefits of cheddar and Greek-style yogurt, dairy facts, lactose intolerance.

National Dairy Month Toolkit
Did you know milk is a natural powerhouse of nutrient-rich goodness?

Don’t Ditch Dairy From Diabetic Diet
Dairy can play an important role in a diabetic diet.

Ring in the Holiday Cheer with Dairy Recipes
Tips on making nutritious dairy and other healthy habits part of your celebration.

Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month Toolkit
Living with lactose intolerance doesn’t mean giving up dairy!

Back to School: Breakfast at Home Toolkit
Did you know that protein rich foods like milk, yogurt and cheese make you feel fuller longer?

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