Benefits of School Breakfast

Materials to help you create an alternative breakfast program in your school.

Letters of Support
Many organizations have endorsed Alternative Breakfast Service Models. Read their statements here.


Check out sample menu options here.

A Fresh Start with School Breakfast Menu
Helps ease the transition for school menu planners by providing student-friendly two-weekcycle menus that can fit into any style of breakfast operation (Grab and Go, Hot line, and Breakfast in the Classroom) while meeting the new standards.

Build a Better Breakfast with Yogurt

Learn how yogurt smoothies and yogurt parfaits fit in the school breakfast program.

Smoothie & Yogurt Parfait Menu Flyer
Recipes and ideas featuring yogurt in your breakfast program.

Yogurt Recipe Cards
Delicious recipes featuring yogurt.


Learn who supports alternative breakfast service here.

Breakfast in the Classroom Support
Learn the many benefits of school breakfast here.

Breakfast for Learning Education Alliance Statement of Support Brochure
See the organizations who support the educations benefits of breakfast here.

Breakfast Expansion Strategies

Learn about strategies that can be used to expand breakfast participation.

Reimbursable Vending
Learn how reimbursable vending works here.

Provision 2
Learn how to reduce paperwork associated with school meal programs here.

Discretionary Elimination of Reduced Price Charges in the School Meal Programs
Learn how eliminating reduced price charges in your program can save time and paperwork.

Community Eligibility Provision
Community eligibility is the newest opportunity for schools with high percentages of low-income children to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students. It increases participation by children in the school meal programs, reduces labor costs for schools, and increases federal revenues. Read more about it here (from FRAC).


Try these new winning Breakfast Lab School Foodservice recipes here.

Food Research & Action Center (FRAC)

FRAC Breakfast in the Classroom Infographic
The Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) has released an infographic on Breakfast in the Classroom. Research demonstrates the links between school breakfast and better student achievement. Learn more about the benefits of breakfast and spread awareness with this infographic.

FRAC School Breakfast Scorecard
The School Scorecard Data Tool was created to analyze data for school breakfast participation at the state or local level.

FRAC Breakfast for Health
Research summary on the strong links between school breakfast consumption and favorable dietary health, and educational outcomes among children and adolescents.

FRAC Breakfast for Learning
Scientific research on the link between children’s nutrition and academic performance.