Here is an array of delicious, healthful, and fun-to-make snacks and meals. Try them out on your own time. Once you have discovered your favorites- share them with your friends and family so you can spread how delicious healthy eating can be.


Four apple cookies
Avocado chocolate mousse
Avocado yogurt dip
Bagel smear
Four baked apples
banana chocolate chip muffins
Banana sushi
Bell pepper pizza
Breakfast Fruit Tart
two breakfast tacos
Candy cane bars
Cherry cobbler with spoon
Chia chocolate pudding
Two chickpea spinach tacos
Chocolate covered grapes
Chocolate oatmeal
Collard wraps
Egg cupcakes
Egg sandwich
Bowl of popcorn
frozen yogurt bark
Three fudgsicles
Coco yogurt muffins
Green shakshuka
Glasses of green smoothies with leaves and apple
Whoopie pie
Herbed ricotta crostini
Hot chocolate in a fancy teacup
Kale chili eggs in a pan
Lemon crepes with blueberry greek yogurt filling
Lemon ricotta pancakes
Stack of mini pancakes
Creamsicle smoothie
Popovers with apricot butter
Pumpkin ravioli
Loaf of zucchini bread
Strawberry Rhubarb Strudel
frozen yogurt bars
slices of fruit dessert pizza for Valentines Day
Banana toast with greek yogurt
Berry pancakes
Three watermelon popsicles
Watermelon feta salad
Zucchini grilled cheese
Zucchini lasagna roll-up
Zucchini pita pizza

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