Milk in a variety of delicious flavors, packaged in eye-catching, re-sealable plastic bottles, can be a profitable way for schools to offer a nutritious alternative to soda and sports and fruit drinks via milk vending. Adding cheese and yogurt products and pairing them with other nutrient-rich foods for dairy vending provide opportunities for students to make healthy choices throughout the school and increase their dairy consumption.

Start-up Funding

The American Dairy Association North East offers start-up funding to schools interested in purchasing milk or dairy vending machines.

To apply for the start-up funding, thoroughly review the 2014 Vending Guidelines. If you are eligible for the funding, complete our online 2014 Dairy Vending Start-up Offer Pre-Approval form.

After you submit your Pre-Approval form, the school marketing manager serving your school district will contact you. If you meet the eligibility guidelines and The American Dairy Association North East  approves your application, your school marketing manager will send you a Memorandum of Understanding to sign. Once Mid-Atlantic Dairy Association receives this document, we will walk you through the process of securing funding for your new milk or dairy vending machine.

For more information about the milk or dairy vending start-up offer, please contact us.

Vending Resources

Here are resources to help you start your vending program.