Recycling: Benefits Schools and the Environment

Recycling is an added benefit of the New Look of School Milk program, which serves milk in single-serve plastic bottles in the cafeteria. Recycling bottles can reduce trash pickup and create the volume needed to start a recycling program in your school district. It also helps the environment and teaches students social responsibility.

Start a Recycling Program at Your School

Did you know that more than 60 percent of trash can be recycled? You can make a difference by starting one at your school. Get your students involved. Check out these great tips from Fuel Up to Play 60 to get things rolling!

Going Green? Consider the Benefits of Plastic Milk Bottles

The plastic bottles used in the New Look of School Milk (NLSM) program present districts with new recycling options that can help schools "go green" and lead to decreased landfill use and waste-hauling costs. Today, recycled plastic milk bottles are used to make a variety of products, including high value benches, playground equipment and composite decking. Making new items from recycled resin rather than natural resin saves both natural resources and about half the energy required in processing.

Learn more about recycling plastic milk bottles at school.

Recycling Fact Sheets

Comparing Paperboard Milk Cartons Versus Plastic Bottles Recycling

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The Benefits of Recycling Plastic Milk Bottles

Discover the benefits of recycling plastic bottles and how to get the most from your recycling program.

How to Recycle School Assessment Guide

Evaluate your current recycling program and learn what steps you can take to take to become a recycler.

Going, Going... Green! With Recyclable Plastic Milk Bottles

Share this handout with stakeholders making recycling decisions in your district.