Fuel Up to Play 60 Brings Health and Wellness Volunteer to the Field

Author: Greg Paone | May 31, 2019

Fuel Up to Play 60 Brings Health and Wellness Volunteer to the Field

(Danielle Lennon, right in blue, volunteered at three Fuel Up to Play 60 Touchdown School events this year)

Volunteering has always been of importance to Danielle Lennon. And that’s been especially true when it comes to children and their health and wellness.

During her recent search for new opportunities, she came across a listing with the words “Fuel Up to Play 60.” After reading about the program, she knew she had found the perfect opportunity.
Or, as it turns out, opportunities.

Danielle, a graduate student at New York University, volunteered at three of the American Dairy Association North East’s Fuel Up to Play 60 Touchdown School events. These events reward students from participating schools who achieve health and wellness goals with dairy playing an integral role. The reward at the end of the school year is a visit to the local NFL team’s stadium or training complex for fun activities, a healthy lunch and interaction with players from the team.

While the Touchdown School events aren’t new, the volunteer program for the events is. And Danielle helped at events hosted by the Washington Redskins, New York Giants and New York Jets.
“Volunteering is a passion of mine, especially at events and with projects for kids, like this one,” Danielle said.

“Events like this for kids to get them to be active while listening and learning are so big for them. So, it feels good to be here and help out.”

As part of her volunteer duties, Danielle helped guide the students guests from the bus to the field, participated in the day’s stretches and physical activities with them and assisted in providing a healthy lunch, which this year happened to be a make-your-own pizza bar complete with an assortment of veggie toppings to choose from.

“Fuel Up to Play 60 and the way it infuses dairy and education into the program, it’s just a really great initiative,” Danielle said.

“In my undergrad, I was a PE (Physical Education) minor. So, I got to see first-hand how PE systems work. There are many PE systems that are missing this kind of education and missing the good things dairy can do for students. So that’s a big reason why I think this program and these events are so great and why I wanted to help out. It gets kids motivated to learn more.”

A special thanks to Danielle and the rest of this year’s volunteers who helped spread the word of healthy eating with dairy and exercise to push Fuel Up to Play 60’s mission to Fuel Greatness

American Dairy Association North East is one of 16 state and regional promotion organizations working under the umbrella of the United Dairy Industry Association. It is the local affiliate of the National Dairy Council®, which has been conducting nutrition education and nutrition research programs since 1915. For more information, visit www.americandairy.com.