Local Dairy Farmers Team Up with Shoppers Food & Pharmacy to Fight Hunger

Author: Mary Ortega | April 13, 2018

Local Dairy Farmers Team Up with Shoppers Food & Pharmacy to Fight Hunger

Every Saturday when it comes time to take a trip to the grocery store, there is one item that is always on my list – milk. I don’t think twice about purchasing a gallon of milk. It’s a must-have in my house. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for all Americans. According to Feeding America, milk is one of the most requested, but one of the least donated items at food banks. Children throughout the country are missing out on the essential nutrients, including high-quality protein, it contains. 

The Great American Milk Drive

The Great American Milk Drive is the first-ever national program to deliver highly desired and nutrient-rich gallons of milk to children and families in need. On average, food banks are only able to provide the equivalent of less than one gallon of milk per person per year. While Americans are generous with canned and dry goods, many don’t think to donate milk because it’s perishable.

“The Great American Milk Drive has made it possible to send milk to families in need. This is the just one of the programs aimed at helping resolve the milk shortage at local food banks.”  said David Crowl, a Jarrettsville dairy farmer.  

Local Program

This year marks American Dairy Association North East's fourth year in partnership with MilkPEP, Shoppers and local food banks. The Great American Milk Drive kicks off on April 14 at the Shoppers store at 6300 Coventry Way in Clinton, Maryland. More than 50 Shoppers Food & Pharmacy and 20 Shop’n Save stores in the Greater Washington D.C. Metropolitan area will be participating in the program.

Contributions Received

Over the last three years, the milk drive raised more than $237,000 and nearly 58,000 gallons of milk to Feeding America food banks across Maryland, Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area. 

“We expect to set a record this year for donations. Last year, we raised more than $85,000 through in-store and online donations, ensuring that nearly 928,000 servings of nutrient-rich milk will reach local area families in need.” ~ Jennifer Newton, Manager of Community/Customer Service Relations for Shoppers Food & Pharmacy

How You Can Get Involved

Now until Mother’s Day, customers can donate $1, $3 or $5 at the registers of all Shoppers’ and Shop’n Save locations. Their donations purchase milk for families that rely on food banks to put a meal on their table.

Donations to The Great American Milk Drive are also accepted online at milklife.com/give. As little as $5 will deliver a gallon of milk to a family in need, helping to feed a childhood. By entering your zip code, you can ensure that the milk is delivered to a local Feeding America food bank in your community. 

American Dairy Association North East is one of 16 state and regional promotion organizations working under the umbrella of the United Dairy Industry Association. It is the local affiliate of the National Dairy Council®, which has been conducting nutrition education and nutrition research programs since 1915. For more information, visit www.americandairy.com.