A Mural Display of Dairy Devotion, From Farm to Table

Author: Gary Cheeseman | June 08, 2018

A Mural Display of Dairy Devotion, From Farm to Table

It’s National Dairy Month, and you’re probably seeing dairy everywhere – in the grocery store, on social media and on TV! This is because many people are devoted to the dairy industry and to dairy products. They’re dairy farmers, chefs, cheese, butter and yogurt artisans, creamery owners and more!

This June, in honor of National Dairy Month, the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy is partnering with nearly 40,000 family farms, processors and dairy brands to spotlight the many people who are devoted to dairy. The month-long celebration will rally communities from coast to coast to salute people’s passion for dairy and remind consumers that the dairy community loves making dairy just as much as consumers love to enjoy it.

Two of our friends in New York wanted to share that they are devoted to dairy while also showing their appreciation for each other’s dairy devotion, so they found a unique way to display it…Murals!

Dairy farmer Nate Chittenden of Dutch Hollow Farms showed his devotion to dairy while also showing how much he appreciates the many chefs that feature dairy on their menus by having a mural painted on the side of his barn of chef Marc Forgione.

In return, chef Marc had a mural created in his New York City restaurant of farmer Nate and one of his cows!

“We hope to reach more people in June so they get to know the innovative, environmentally conscious practices dairy farm families like mine use every day. We’re proud of what we do and have always been inspired by the connection we all share, which starts with the way we care for our cows to make the dairy foods you love that in turn, helps me to provide the food on my family’s table.”

-Nate Chittenden, a third-generation farmer from Dutch Hollow Farms in Schodack Landing, NY

These fabulous murals really highlight the farm-to-table connection that dairy brings while showing the devotion it takes to put a delicious and nutritious product in your cup, on your plate or even in a cone. Happy National Dairy Month!

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