Keeping Cows Cozy in Winter

Author: Ania Stilwell | December 24, 2019

Keeping Cows Cozy in Winter

The snow is blowing. Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. Thanks to their thick skin, hair and natural insulation, cows prefer temperatures between 40-and 65-degrees Fahrenheit. Cows that are well fed, healthy and have dry bedding don’t mind the cold. But even they can only tolerate so much. When winter arrive on a dairy farm, farmers aren’t the only ones bundling up.

Dairy farmers go to great lengths to keep their cows comfortable. While each farm is unique, here are my favorite 5 examples. 

1. Festive jumpers and sweaters

2. Jackets

3. Earmuffs 

4. Personal space heaters

5. Retractable barn windows or curtains

Working in winter wonderland is challenging enough. Farmers have their own winter check list so that they are prepared for winter's chill.

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