5 Foods That’ll Make You Fall for Maple Pecan

Author: Administrator | October 09, 2017

When you think of autumn – do you think pumpkin spice lattes, cookies, milk, yogurt…well, everything? Well I do did. I think along with other Americans I may finally be pumpkin spiced out! Why be so basic?

Earlier this Autumn, The Chicago Tribune proclaimed that Maple is now the new taste for Fall. Just yesterday, I stopped in Starbucks and saw a Maple Pecan Latte as a new featured item! A Pumpkin Spice latte is my go-to, but I decided to live a little and give the competing beverage a try.

It was delicious and left me with a newfound love of this Maple flavored goodness. I’m all-in. Maple Pecan deserves to be the new signature flavor for fall:

  • It’s the essence fall flavor – with a fresh new taste to indulge in!
  • For so long it’s been a popular flavor enjoyed mostly just in breakfast foods – why stop there?

Here are 5 ways to include Maple Pecan in your fall food selections:

Maple Pecan Latte

maple pecan latte

Photo via Northern Star.

A rich espresso from Starbucks with steamed milk and flavors of maple syrup, pecan and brown butter. Add some pep in your step with one of my new favorite Starbucks drinks and make it your new morning ritual.

Maple Pecan Flavored Ice Coffee

Photo via Dunkin Donuts.

More of a Dunkin Donuts person? Don’t fret, try this signature fall iced beverage it’s sure to please.

3. Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

maple bacon breakfast sandwich

Photo via Dunkin Donuts.

Pair this sweet and salty breakfast sandwich with the Maple Pecan Ice Coffee for a match made in heaven.

4. Maple Yogurt

brown cow yogurt

Photo via Brown Cow.

Brown Cow is just one brand that carries the rich and satisfying yogurt sweetened with maple syrup and cane sugar.

Maple Cinnamon Buns Milkshake

Photo via Ben & Jerry's.

Ben & Jerry’s cinnamon bun ice cream, maple syrup and milk are the only ingredients needed to make this homemade shake.

Fact: maple syrup makes everything better. Trust us, we’re from Vermont. – Ben & Jerry’s

Do you have a favorite way to enjoy Maple? I want to hear it, leave me a comment below!

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