Up Your Cheeseburger Game this Summer

Author: Liz Jalkiewicz, RDN, LDN | July 01, 2018

Up Your Cheeseburger Game this Summer

Let’s kick off summer with backyard parties, family cookouts, and burgers. No matter what type of burger you choose – beef, turkey, pork, salmon, or bean – I think we can all agree that cheese is really what matters most.

Elevate the classic American cheeseburger by incorporating cheeses that your guests won’t expect. Yes, American Cheese is the tried and true choice, and there is no denying that it melts quite perfectly on your burger. However, I challenge you to think outside the box.

Imagine this…. You are enjoying a family cookout and you’re about to take a big, juicy bite out of that burger that’s hot off the grill. As you dive in, the buttery, melted Brie is oozing out the side of your stuffed turkey burger, or the warm gooey mozzarella cheese is slowly melting and making its way onto the bottom of your toasted sesame bun, or better yet, that rich, bold flavor of Gorgonzola is perfectly combined with the sweetness of your Brioche bun. Is your mouth watering yet?

3 Unexpected Cheeses That Will Up Your Burger Game

Brie – The mild, buttery taste along with its smooth and creamy texture goes nicely with a veggie or turkey burger, which can be on the drier side at times because of their leanness.

  • Pro Tip: Top the burger with a few slices of Brie just before serving since it will only take a few seconds to melt completely. Brie burgers pair nicely with thinly sliced Granny Smith apples and a sprinkle of crispy, crumbled bacon.

2. Gouda – Easy to find in the supermarket with its red-wax rind, Gouda cheese is a semi-hard cheese that is great for melting. Think fondue!

  • Pro Tip: Look for Smoked Gouda in the cheese case which offers an earthier, nuttier flavor than traditional Gouda but is equally as creamy and buttery in texture.

3. Feta – Fresh, crumbly Feta cheese works well with lamb burgers paired with Greek-inspired flavors like lemon juice, oregano and tzatziki dip.

  • Pro Tip: Stuff your burger with an herbed feta cheese mixture by using your thumb to press down in the middle of the burger, add the feta cheese mixture, and fold the edges of the burger over top the mixture ensuring it’s fully covered.

To all our grill masters -- whichever cheese you choose, you can feel good about getting in a serving of delicious and wholesome dairy at your next cookout.

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