Fun on the Farm with Farmer Emily

Author: Administrator | May 11, 2020

Fun on the Farm with Farmer Emily

Farmer Emily from Dairy Girl Fitness shares her love of dairy farming and exercise with us this week. Tune in to get your 'moove' on and learn some of Emily's favorite dairy foods to use during training. 

Day 1 | Cow Teeth

Join Farmer Emily and learn all about cow teeth, and how cow's digest food. Test your stamina afterward with a jumping jack set.

Day 2 | Digestion

Farmer Emily is on the run! Learn how you can do wall sprints at home and learn all about how cows use their multiple stomachs (unbelievable, right?) to digest their food.

Day 3 | Nutrients

Farmer Emily shows us a fun way to remember the 9 nutrients found in milk and how to perfect your pushup practice.

Day 4 | Milk Storage

Farmer Emily gives us tips on storing milk at the perfect temperature so you can enjoy a glass of ice-cold milk anytime and gets us moving with a high knee workout.

Day 5 | Three Servings

Learn how Farmer Emily makes sure she gets 3 servings of dairy a day and test out your burpee skills.

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