Dairy Snacks for your Thanksgiving Travels

Author: Administrator | November 22, 2019

Dairy Snacks for your Thanksgiving Travels

The odds are high that you will be one of the projected 55 million Americans traveling over the course of Thanksgiving week.

The odds are also high that you, or, more importantly, your kids will be hungry at some point during your Thanksgiving travels. And that’s where healthy and filling snacks come into play.

You may not think of dairy snacks as you pack for your trip. But with the help of a handy cooler bag and some ice packs, dairy snacks, and the nutrients they possess, can be the perfect fuel for the entire family, no matter how long the holiday trek may be.

Here are some dairy snack suggestions for your travels:

Cheese Sticks
An oldie, but still a goodie and still perfect for your holiday ride. Easy to peel, eat and enjoy. And a value pack could last you the entire trip!

Yogurt on the go is a simple solution to your travel hunger needs. And it’s especially simple for the kids, who will love whatever colorful flavors you can get your hands on. It’s also a great snack that won’t leave a big mess if you choose drinkable yogurts or yogurts in squeezable tubes.

Pre-sliced Cheese
Another super-simple option to cure your hunger on the road. And the best part is, you can pick up all different varieties, or just stick with your favorite kind!

They say smoothies can be a quick meal on the go. So, what better way fill up on your ride then with a dairy-filled smoothie? Pick your favorite flavor and fill up!

Chocolate Milk
Chocolate milk? For a road trip? Really? Yep! Just like your car needs fuel, so to does your body. And with all its essential nutrients, chocolate milk is a handy go-to in order to fuel up for any ride. Plus, kids love it!

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