Top 12 Stories of 2018

Author: Patrick Carney | December 18, 2018

Top 12 Stories of 2018

It's been a busy year, and we're just days away from turning the calendar to 2019. Enjoy our month-by-month look back at some of the best hits of 2018.


I don’t know about you, but extreme cold temperatures are not my idea of fun. It’s even more challenging when you’re a dairy farmer. The deep freeze requires a lot of extra time and energy to make sure all the animals are fed, watered, and warm… especially calves.

These little ladies need to stay warm during the long, cold winter. Dairy farmers are up to the challenge and continue to find ways to keep their calves warm and comfortable.

Here's 4 ways farmers keep their calves warm and cozy in the winter.


You’re at the grocery store and you’ve gotten to the dairy aisle… now what? There are so many options to choose from, so how do you decide?

Here's 5 reasons to always choose cow's milk over the alternatives.


Cows dig daylight saving because they need 14 to 16 hours of light each day. It's what they're used to in summertime.

See how dairy farmers go out of their way to make sure there is no disruption for cows as clocks spring forward when Daylight Saving Time returns.


A clean, comfortable bed is what dreams are made of. It’s also what cows need. They typically lounge in the barn chewing their cud for up to 13 hours a day, plus catch a few hours of actual shut-eye. May as well be comfortable, right?

When a cow is comfortable, she produces more milk. It’s no wonder dairy farmers pay special attention to cow bedding. From sleeping on a beach to drifting off on a water bed to cozying up on piles of what used to be paper, different farms use different types of recycled bedding for their animals.

As we celebrate Earth Day, see four ways farmers use recycled bedding to make their cows as comfortable as possible.


She is a daughter. She is a wife. She is passionate about agriculture and the dairy industry. She is a selfless volunteer. She wears many hats. She is my mom. Her name is Gail Yeiser, and she is loved to the moon and back.

Enjoy this beautiful mother's day tribute.


To celebrate June Dairy Month, two of our friends in New York wanted to share that they are devoted to dairy while also showing their appreciation for each other’s dairy devotion, so they found a unique way to display it…Murals!

See how dairy farmer Nate Chittenden of Dutch Hollow Farms and New York City chef Marc Forgione showed their devotion to dairy through art.


Moon milk is one of the oldest natural remedies for sleeplessness. Simply put, it’s a soothing glass of warm cow’s milk consumed right before you go to bed.

Now insert Instagram and Pinterest to the mix and you’ll find that food bloggers and wellness experts are transforming moon milk into beautifully colorful (and flavorful) works of art.

Moon milk can also be fun for the whole family! We have recipes for adults and a fun video to show you how to get the kids involved in a recipe they'll love!

Learn more about this trend that is fun, beautiful, delicious and a great sleep aid.


For 50 years, the butter sculpture has been a must-see attraction at the New York State Fair. It is unveiled with the help of the New York State Dairy Princesses, but this year had a twist.

Marsha Anderson Leonard, the state princess at the first butter sculpture unveiling in 1969, returned to be a part of the festivities 50 years later.


School is back in session! While this is an exciting time for kids; it can also be an especially stressful time for parents when it comes to planning, prepping and packing up the kiddos’ lunchboxes. Research has shown that good nutrition and healthy habits positively affect a child’s academic performance, which makes a healthy and balanced lunch essential for a child’s success.

Here's 5 ways to get more dairy in your child's lunchbox.


There’s a new hot seller at Wegman’s locations in the Rochester, New York area, and that product is found right in the heart of the dairy aisle.

Locally produced Pittsford Farms cream milk, sold in old-fashion glass bottles, continues to grow in popularity and has been in Rochester-area Wegman’s markets since the beginning of September.

Not familiar with cream milk? Catch up on this trend now!


During World War II, specially designed milk bottles helped to support the war effort. The war slogan messaging on the bottles encouraged the average person to buy war bonds and stamps.

Milk bottle collector Roger Thomas, from Cortland, New York, has about 40 to 50 such milk bottles. His passion for collecting these bottles began when he was 12 years old.

For Roger, his milk bottle collection is a way of paying tribute to war veterans and honoring all who served. “Farmers always stood behind the soldiers,” said Roger, “We appreciate their service.” 

Check out Roger's collection in this Veteran's Day feature.


The holiday season is full of family, friends, fun and delicious food!

From baking cookies to warming up on a cold night with a peppermint hot chocolate, the holidays wouldn’t be the same without incredible food. But, that can also mean a lot of time in the kitchen and stress over finding the perfect recipe.

Enjoy these 13 delicious holiday recipes.

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