Chocolate Milk: the 2019 Official Drink of Halloween

Author: Administrator | October 23, 2019

Chocolate Milk: the 2019 Official Drink of Halloween

Celebrate Halloween by participating in the 2019 Chocolate Milk: Official Drink of Halloween social media campaign promoting chocolate milk. Here's everything you'll need:

Hashtags to use 
#Halloween + #chocolatemilk + #UndeniablyDairy 

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Key Message
Chocolate milk is the Official Drink of Halloween – serve chocolate milk as the ultimate Halloween treat. Milk. Love What's Real.

Sample Photos, Videos and Social Posts
Download the photo or video -or- use the YouTube link + add the suggested social post + share to Facebook, tweet on Twitter or post to Instagram.

Option 1: The Scary Sweet Cemetery

Scary Sweet Cemetary Recipe Link:

Suggested Social Post: 

Satisfy your kids #Halloween hunger for something haunted w/ this creepy, crawly & oh-so-tasty #chocolatemilk treat. #undeniablydairy @americandairyNE

Option 2: Mummy Milk

Mummy Milk Activity Link:

Suggested social post:

Even the official drink of #Halloween needs a costume. Turn #chocolatemilk into a mummy! #undeniablydairy @americandairyNE

Option 3: Jug-o-Lantern

Jug-o-Lantern Activity Link:

Suggested Social Post:

Turn that empty #chocolatemilk gallon into something ghoulish & give #Halloween a festive glow. #undeniablydairy @americandairyNE

Option 4: Sugar Cookie Ghosts

Sugar Cookie Ghost Recipe Link:

Suggested Social Post:

Pair these #Halloween cookies with #chocolatemilk & you’ll be surprised how quickly they disappear. #undeniablydairy @americandairyne

Take Creativity into Your Own Hands 

Get creative this Halloween. Post your own original photos. Need some inspiration?

  • Share a throwback photo of yourself from Halloween past 

  • Show your childen in their costumes fueling up with chocolate milk for trick-or-treating

  • Show a cute calf dressed for Halloween

Additional Resources 

Downloadable Logo - Chocolate Milk: the Official Drink of Halloween (PNG format):

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