Drawing Consumers to Dairy Online

Author: Ania Stilwell | November 20, 2020

Drawing Consumers to Dairy Online

Now, more than ever, our lives revolve around computers and the internet for socializing, schooling, shopping, and accessing information. Luckily, ADA North East already had a robust online presence, garnering a total of more than 53.77 million impressions and 1.74 million engagements already in 2020 across our social channels. We engage consumers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube and are constantly evaluating new channels for their potential value to the organization.

Why go Social?

Social media is a gateway to building trust and changing perception of dairy in the diet. Millennial moms make 85% of the household purchasing decisions for their family and 90% of them share their opinions about dairy and other foods with other moms. Translating key messaging into a social media personality has allowed ADA North East to engage with followers about the health benefits of dairy and share stories of the people who get it from farm to table. Using highly targeted advertising within these platforms and through search engines has helped put more positive dairy information in front of more people.

Building Trust… one post at a time

Our digital content covers topics like farm stories and sustainability through Virtual Farm Tours and the Fun on the Farm online video series. We drive purchase intent, sharing cooking tips and recipes through Virtual Blogger Tours, Facebook Lives with our retail partners. We educate consumers on the importance of dairy in school meals, health benefits of dairy and more with our content in partnership with our Registered Dieticians and spokespeople. Focused campaigns around specific topics like chocolate milk as a refuel beverage for athletes and flavored milk in schools have helped ADA North East change these conversations online to be more positive toward dairy.

Influencers help Decide on Dairy

ADA North East has cultivated a group of partners and influencers including mommy and food bloggers, nutritionists, chefs and our Sports and Nutrition Spokesperson panels to drive discussions about dairy, create positive perception of milk and showcase how dairy plays an essential role in keeping us nourished. Through our influencers, we are building credibility with our target group of consumers.

Like it or not, social media is here to stay – and it is one of the best tools we have for reaching customers who have more questions about where their food comes from than ever before. ADA North East is there, answering their questions and inspiring their next dairy purchase.

About American Dairy Association North East

American Dairy Association North East (ADA North East) is the dairy farmer-funded organization funded by participating dairy farmer’s checkoff investment to build demand and sales for milk and dairy foods throughout the local region. Representing more than 10,000 dairy farm families in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and northern Virginia, ADA North East develops and implements local programs to drive milk and dairy sales at retail outlets and in schools. The organization also conducts consumer education about dairy through events, traditional and social media, and in collaboration with health professionals through National Dairy Council®. ADA North East works closely with Dairy Management Inc.™, the national dairy checkoff organization, to support nutrition research, national partnerships and developing export markets for dairy to bring a fully integrated promotion program to the region. For more information, visit www.AmericanDairy.com or call our Main Office at 315-472-9143.