Join the Rally around National Farmers Day

Author: Administrator | October 04, 2019

Join the Rally around National Farmers Day

Celebrate National Farmers Day on Saturday, October 12, 2019, by sharing posts highlighting farmers' critical role in caring for cows, a healthy planet and healthy, delicious dairy. It's easy to participate! 

Spruce up your Facebook profile picture

For #NationalFarmersDay this Saturday, click on this link -- -- and Facebook will offer you the Undeniably Dairy/National Farmers Day frame to put on your profile picture

Key Message

  • This fall, the dairy community is highlighting farmers’ critical role in caring for healthy cows, a healthy planet and healthy, delicious dairy.

Participating is easy – Just follow these quick steps

1. Post a photo or video and messaging that connects consumers back to the farm – and what’s real – when it comes to dairy and your connection to dairy.

  • Use one of the downloadable videos or photos (or your own originals) 
  • Post photo/video with Suggested Social Copy (or original message) 

2. Use these Hashtags:

National Farmers Day (October 12) 

  • #UndeniablyDairy
  • #NationalFarmersDay
  • #ThankAFarmer

Throughout Fall 

  • #UndeniablyDairy

3. Tag American Dairy Association North East: @americandairyNE (FB, Twitter & Instagram)

Ready-to-post Photos

Option 1: Going Green 

Get the download:

Option 2: Original Environmentalists

Get the download:

Ready-to-post Videos 

Going Green/Carbon Footprint video

Get the download: OR

Original Environmentalists/Upcycling video

Get the download: OR

Suggested Social Copy 

"Going Green" video or photo: 

  •  Instagram/Facebook: Every day, dairy farmers work hard to leave the land better than they found it, which means a greener future and better food for you. It's sustainably nutritious and undeniably delicious. #UndeniablyDairy #NationalFarmersDay @americandairyNE 
  • Twitter: #NationalFarmersDay Dairy farmers work tirelessly to make high-quality dairy with a smaller environmental footprint. #UndeniablyDairy @americandairyNE

"Original Environmentalists" video or photo:

  •  Instagram/Facebook: Citrus pulp, almond hulls & spent grain are all nutritious ingredients that go in cows’ feed! Upcycling byproducts from other local farms is just one of the many ways dairy farmers are & have been going green. #NationalFarmersDay #ThankAFarmer #UndeniablyDairy @americandairyNE
  • Twitter:  #NationalFarmersDay For generations, farmers have been committed to producing dairy that’s good for you and made with care for the planet. #UndeniablyDairy #ThankAFarmer @americandairyNE

Original, generic photo - For National Farmers Day (October 12) 

  • Today is #NationalFarmersDay, so we want to #ThankAFarmer for everything they do! It takes hard work to provide delicious, nutritious dairy, and farmers everywhere are producing milk with care for the earth and their cows, every step of the way. #UndeniablyDairy @americandairyNE

  • This #NationalFarmersDay, dairy farmers want to thank ALL farmers everywhere for the work they do to feed the world with care for their cows and the planet. #ThankAFarmer #UndeniablyDairy @americandairyne

For Fall (Timing Not Specific) 

  • Dairy farmers make the foods you love, with love: for the environment, for their animals and for you. #UndeniablyDairy @americandairyne 

About American Dairy Association North East

American Dairy Association North East (ADA North East) is the dairy farmer-funded organization funded by participating dairy farmer’s checkoff investment to build demand and sales for milk and dairy foods throughout the local region. Representing more than 10,000 dairy farm families in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and northern Virginia, ADA North East develops and implements local programs to drive milk and dairy sales at retail outlets and in schools. The organization also conducts consumer education about dairy through events, traditional and social media, and in collaboration with health professionals through National Dairy Council®. ADA North East works closely with Dairy Management Inc.™, the national dairy checkoff organization, to support nutrition research, national partnerships and developing export markets for dairy to bring a fully integrated promotion program to the region. For more information, visit or call our Main Office at 315-472-9143.