ADA North East continues to promote the Summer Meals – part of USDA’s Summer Food Service Program – across New York, to help students find access to milk and meals while school is not in session. Millions of students in our region depend on these meals during the summer months — with 430,000 meals currently being served in New York City alone.

ADA North East works within school districts that have the highest student populations including New York City, Rochester and Yonkers to help families find meals — which include milk.

By using enhanced “geo-targetingâ€_x009d_ of social media ads, ADA North East is guiding families to Summer Meals locations close to their homes by focusing on specific zip codes where need is the greatest. In New York City, the ads received 347,540 impressions which means families are seeing the information.

We also recently released a video public service announcement from ADA North East partner and milk enthusiast English Gardner, U.S. Olympic gold medalist, who joined the effort to help promote Summer Meals in targeted areas.

It’s estimated that families would have to spend an additional $300 per month to replace the meals their children would normally receive at school, which is especially challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic.