With more than 200,000 Maryland students not partaking in school breakfast, the opportunity is great to provide milk, cheese and yogurt through the Breakfast After the Bell program. Offering dairy to start the day, fuels students with the energy they need for success, while also increasing sales to benefit dairy farmers.

ADA North East hosted a National School Breakfast Week media event in Annapolis, Md., last week to keep dairy top-of-mind with many of the state’s top school food decision makers. Dairy farmer Trisha Knight Boyce from Chapel’s Country Creamery in Easton, Md., helped participants make the connection between dairy foods and the dairy farmers who produce it.

“My family and I take great pride in producing a nutritious part of school meals — the milk, chocolate milk, yogurt and cheese that students enjoy as part of their school meals each day. We have a long tradition of commitment to children’s well-being and look forward to continuing to see school breakfast programs grow and develop across the state of Maryland in the years to come.â€_x009d_ — Trisha Knight Boyce