Holly Niefergold, New York State Alternate Dairy Princess, and Erie County Dairy Princess Allison Gable helped distribute milk and meals Buffalo, N.Y., students at the Summer Meals kickoff event today. Holly also took a calf from her family farm, Myerwood Farms in Lawtons, N.Y., to help kids make the connection to where milk and dairy foods come from.

Established by USDA to fill the nutritional gap families face during the summer, ADA North East joins forces with local community groups to support the program and to secure dairy’s place as part of healthy meals. Buffalo Public Schools, the West Side Promise Neighborhood and the Boys and Girls Club of Buffalo participated in today’s event.

The kickoff informed the community about the availablity of free breakfast and lunch, which include milk. Many families are not aware that meals are still available when school is out and may need to spend up to $300 a month to feed children during the summer months. To find a Summer Meals site, families can text “SUMMER MEALS” to 97779.