In “Dorm Room Recipe Magic,” 12 dorm-friendly dairy-rich recipes were developed by ADA North East’s consumer-facing website The recipes were then sent through digital ads that targeted student resident halls on Syracuse and Cornell University campuses – a digital advertising technique called geo-fencing. The ads garnered 1.6 million impressions with clicks on the ads reaching nearly 10% of the total enrollment of both schools combined!

The recipes are easy for students to whip up using a microwave or an air fryer – appliances frequently found right in their dorm rooms, and are featured on the College Cooking, Easy-to-Make Dorm Room Recipes blog.

The campaign is part of ADA North East’s overall effort to promote dairy with the Gen Z audience, and they can shop from the Savor website directly with their retailer of choice. This e-commerce feature only allows shoppers to purchase real dairy – NO IMITATIONS – will appear as options!