Kelly Reynolds of Reyncrest Farm, Corfu, N.Y., conducted live television segments on Spectrum News, Monday, Jan. 11, to celebrate dairy farmers on “National Milk Day.â€_x009d_

Thanks to ADA North East’s positive relationships with local media, the station sought our help in securing a local dairy farmer for the story.

“It’s important to do community outreach like this because we rely on consumers to buy our products and it’s critical that they can connect a face to their food.â€_x009d_ — Kelly Reynolds 

ADA North East worked with Reynolds to prepare for the interviews by providing talking points and media tips. Live media spots reach thousands of consumers with positive dairy messaging.

ADA North East nutrition specialist Michelle Barber also participated in a National Milk Day segment on the daily television program “Bridge Streetâ€_x009d_ on WSYR-TV in Syracuse, highlighting the nutritional benefits and varieties of milk, as well as cooking options with milk.