ADA North East continues to work with local retailers in the six-state region to improve consumers’ shopping experience, which has proven to have a positive impact on dairy sales. With dairy aisle “makeovers,” part of ADA North East’s Dairy Aisle Reinvention program, shoppers are able to easily find the real dairy products they want thanks to customized signage.

They can also find the flavors and variety of cheese and yogurt they’re looking for with newly installed cheese pushers that keep products in the front of the case and with yogurt dividers that keep the varieties separate.

ADA North East’s retail team works closely with dairy case managers to develop the signage. Some of the most recent installments includes Peck’s Markets in New York that installed new signage and yogurt dividers.

Several Safeway stores in Maryland and Virginia have also received a new look with the “Milk, It’s Naturally Nutritious” and other dairy messages. Retailers are reporting sales increases with each new installment.

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Refrigerators of milk at a grocery store
Pecks Callicoon yogurt