Several dairy farmers in the ADA North East region rallied to be part of the “Stronger Together” video to remind consumers that they’re still working hard to provide safe, wholesome milk even during these challenging times.

The video will be shared on all of our consumer-facing social media channels, and dairy farmers and industry representatives are encouraged to share it, as well.

Participants included:

  • Marie Canon, Canon Dairy Farm, West Middlesex, Pa.
  • Jared Kurtz, Kurtland Farm, Elverson, Pa.
  • Joel Riehlman, Venture Farms, Tully, N.Y.
  • Candice Dotterer-White, Paul Dotterer and Sons, Inc., Mill Hall, Pa.
  • Skip Hardie, Walnut Ridge Dairy, Lansing, N.Y.
  • Mark Murray, Murcrest Farms, Copenhagen, N.Y.
  • Elaine Noble, Nobledale Farm, Gillett, Pa.
  • Bret Bossard, Barbland Dairy, Fabius, N.Y.
  • George Andrew, El-VI Farm, Newark, N.Y.
  • Stambaugh Family, Pheasant Echo’s Farm, Westminster, Md.