“Nutrients to refuel, protein to rebuild, backed by science” is the chocolate milk message delivered by professional runner Elle Purrier St. Pierre, who grew up on a Vermont dairy farm, as part of ADA North East’s Refuel with Chocolate Milk partnership with the Armory Track in New York City.

Check out Purrier St. Pierre’s 30-second video message that will air on the Jumbotron at the Armory Track and on its social media outlets.

Purrier St. Pierre holds the women’s record for the fastest indoor mile – the Wanamaker Mile – set at the 2020 Milrose Games at the Armory. She just defended her title in January when she won her second title with a time of 4:19:30!

Dairy farmers, through ADA North East, have a partnership with The Armory as part of our extensive sports marketing program to promote chocolate milk as the best beverage to refuel after exercise. The Refuel signage is in place in the Armory Café and chocolate milk is available for purchase by athletes and spectators. Stay tuned for more exciting dairy events at the Armory.

The Armory hosts more than100 track and field competitions, where more than 220,000 student athletes train and 300,000 visitors tour each year.

Refuel Zone of the armory

“Runners need to refuel! Chocolate milk provides the ideal carbohydrate to protein ration to rebuild muscle!” – Elle Purrier St. Pierre

Inside of the armory