While delivery was different this year for the New York and Pennsylvania dairy princess seminars, participants still received high quality training from ADA North East staff to prepare for promoting milk and the dairy industry at the county level.

ADA North East hosted a virtual seminar for New York that drew nearly 100 participants for each of the three evening sessions. Maryland and New Jersey dairy promoters also joined in the trainings. Pennsylvania’s in-person seminar hosted by Pennsylvania Dairy Princess & Promotion Services, Inc., brought together 90 promoters.

ADA North East staff presented an overview of dairy checkoff programs, along with tips for using key messaging and answering difficult questions while advocating for dairy. Pennsylvania princesses heard from a panel with dairy farmers and industry representatives including Tanya Baldwin of Meadow Vista Farm, Kathy Hartzell of Hartzell Farms and AgChoice Farm Credit, Stanley Burkholder of Burk-Lea Farms, and Jane Upperman from Land O’Lakes.

ADA North East financially supports and provides promotional resources for the dairy princess programs in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia, and manages the New York Dairy Princess Program.