Dairy Management Inc., shared the following message on July 15, 2020, regarding quick-serve restaurant chain Burger King’s video about a new burger made from cows on a low-methane diet:

You’ve likely seen Burger King’s announcement from yesterday about the market-testing of a new burger made from cows on a low-methane diet, citing its positive impact on the environment. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association quickly issued this statement in response, and UC-Davis professor Frank Mitloehner published a series of tweets last night applauding innovations that look to reduce methane but calling out the need for the science to be accurate.

Social and mainstream media reaction to Burger King’s announcement has been mostly negative, including skepticism over the science and confusion about the strategy. From a dairy perspective, we are focused on sharing the facts behind cows and methane, and farmers’ commitments to the environment. Immediate actions include:

  1. Media outreach and paid content that conveys the facts about cows and methane and the differences between various forms of greenhouse gas based on peer-reviewed research
  2. Scientific review and perspective on the research methodology and scientific data used by Burger King
  3. Coordination with our counterparts across ag, including Animal Ag Alliance, USFRA and NCBA, to align on collaboration opportunities to set the record straight
  4. Outreach to Burger King and other key customers to share the essential role dairy farming plays in sustainability and to highlight the ongoing commitment farmers have to taking care of the land and animals, and progress to date

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as appropriate.

If you have any questions, contact Beth Meyer, Director of Consumer Confidence at American Dairy Association North East at bmeyer@milk4u.org.