Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in mid-March, the ADA North East retail team has visited 1,200 stores to help stock nearly 145,000 units of milk, cheese and yogurt – more than 113,000 of which were milk.

While “panic-buying” has stabalized, dairy is still in high-demand as consumers continue to prepare more meals at home. In order to ensure shoppers are having a positive shopping experience, our retail team has been able to return to conducting more regular store visits to implement the Dairy Aisle Performance Program that ensures dairy cases look clean, cold and well-stocked. In a normal year, we make more than 6,000 visits in 1,400 retail stores.

Even during the pandemic, our team was able to execute the Dairy Aisle Reinvention program that gives the dairy case a “makeover” with merchandising techniques such as customized signage to highlight the real dairy in the dairy case; provides nutrition and product use ideas; and features farm families in farm-to-table signage. Retaileres report significant sales growth after program implementation.