Traditional whole, flavored, lactose-free and health enhanced milk options have been the bright spots for sales in the retail dairy case in the past year, representing 48% of the milk volume sold! The industry’s innovative responses to consumer demand is driving these sales – both nationally and locally.

Opportunities to making milk a more modern beverage include:

  • Smaller, lesser-known brands can to pave the way for milk to be considered modern or on-trend (think of craft beer) – like marketing local brands in large retail stores and partnering with local busineses for seasonal flavors.
    • Examples include Broom’s Bloom Dairy in Bel Air, Md., milk is now sold in Shop Rite stores in Maryland, and Turner’s Dairy in Pittsburgh, Pa., is making fun flavors like Sarris Chocolate Milk with local favorite, Sarris Chocolate.
  • Focusing on sustainable and uniquely shaped packaging cues modern ideals and can help shift perceptions, especially with the Gen Z audience’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Consumers expect more now than just calcium and protein from modern milk. This includes benefits already offered like no antibiotics/hormones, low sugar, lactose-free, plus new value-added benefits like immune boosters, probiotics for digestive health, anti-inflammatory benefits, collagen for skin health, etc.

Check out what ADA North East’s retail team is doing to help promote the sale of all these milk and dairy products.