Celebrate World Milk Day on June 1 and National Dairy Month: Introducing the Next Generation of Dairy.

Resilient. Tech savvy. Agents of change. These are all words used to describe Gen Z. They’re also words that describe dairy farmers — a technologically progressive, hard-working and solution-seeking group that also takes on the responsibility of delivering a nutritious and delicious product that’s made with care for the planet.

Rally with us to challenge the farmer stereotype by sharing the sample social posts below.

Hashtags to use in your posts! 

On June 1: 

#WorldMilkDay, #National Dairy Month and #UndeniablyDairy

On June 2 and remainder of month:

#NationalDairyMonth and #UndeniablyDairy

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Sample Social Posts 


World Milk Day — Sample Social Post 1 (I Am a Dairy Farmer)

Suggested copy:

Happy #WorldMilkDay! Today we’re raising a glass to celebrate all the goodness milk provides and the farmers who bring undeniably delicious dairy to our tables. #UndeniablyDairy #NationalDairyMonth

Downloadable Video: https://dairyspot.box.com/s/nowr8qbxh5jck7qlt4jb2bs3qpitynsb

World Milk Day — Sample Social Post 2

Suggested copy:

#WorldMilkDay and every day, we’re committed to producing nutritious milk for you and your family. Milk offers a unique, powerful combination of 13 essential nutrients — like Vitamin A, Vitamin D, zinc and protein — essential to a healthy immune system. #NationalDairyMonth

Downloadable Image (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter): https://dairyspot.box.com/s/k5ip77od0qm1hpxciy6wc8u0w0jivzx6


National Dairy Month – Sample Social Post 1

Sample copy:

#NationalDairyMonth Dairy is good for you and made with care for the planet… The carbon footprint of a glass of milk is two-thirds less than it was 70 years ago, yet it still has the same nutritional benefits and great taste. #UndeniablyDairy

Downloadable image (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter): https://dairyspot.box.com/s/va5nwuercdotu1eyxrdn9uksde6232x3

National Dairy Month – Sample Social Post 2

I Am a Dairy Farmer VIDEO (Same as from World Milk Day – see above):

Downloadable Video: https://dairyspot.box.com/s/nowr8qbxh5jck7qlt4jb2bs3qpitynsb

Sample Facebook and Instagram Copy:

  • Meet the next generation of dairy farmers.
  • They’re adventurous.
  • Creative.
  • Athletic.
  • Passionate.
  • And they’re devoted to producing milk that’s nutritious and delicious.
  • #NationalDairyMonth #UndeniablyDairy

Sample Twitter Copy:

Adventurous. Creative. Athletic. Passionate. This is the next generation of dairy. #NationalDairyMonth #UndeniablyDairy

Additional Resources

Downloadable National Dairy Month Badge (PNG format) — https://dairyspot.box.com/s/dy8yoecn9c6psqo9bdjtcasm7xwmyyog