Since ADA North East started facilitating milk distribution events in partnership with local dairy processors, cooperatives and community groups in April, New York families have had access to nearly 378,500 gallons of milk — 276,590 gallons was funded with grants from the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) and Nourish New York, and 101,688 gallons was donated by Dairy Farmers of America.

Wayne and Ontario county dairy promoters volunteered at this week’s milk drive in Fulton where 2,100 gallons of milk was distributed. The Salvation Army in Syracuse also received more than 2,000 gallons to distribute to local families.

Total year-to-date across the ADA North East region, nearly 678,000 gallons of milk have been distributed between CFAP, Nourish New York and the Dairy Farmers of America milk drives.