American Dairy Association North East’s 58th New York State Dairy Princess Pageant will take place on February 16. The event will be live-streamed on our Facebook page and below beginning at 6 p.m.

One New York State Dairy Princess will be crowned along with two alternates who will be selected to represent New York’s dairy farmers and serve as dairy industry ambassadors throughout the next year. To secure this coveted distinction, girls from across New York State who have served as a county dairy princess since Spring 2020, promoting milk and dairy products in her community will compete.  The pageant consists of a personal interview, impromptu questions, a prepared speech, a product knowledge exam, writing skills, and informal interaction with others. Judges will evaluate the contestants on their communication skills, knowledge of the dairy industry, poise, and personality.

Dairy princesses serve as spokespeople and advocate for dairy farmers by engaging with and educating consumers on the nutritional benefits of milk and dairy foods, how farmers care for their cows and their land in order to produce a sustainable product and the importance of the dairy industry to the State’s economy. New York State Dairy Princess Pageant participants also work with ADANE at a variety of special events including local dairy princess pageants, farmer meetings, state and county fairs, and sampling dairy products at grocery stores.

Dairy princesses played an important role in the last year, promoting milk distribution events organized by ADANE and assisting and handing out milk and dairy foods at various local events.