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As part of the Dairy Aisle Performance Program, our team members visit stores across the Northeast in person to gather real-time information and insights. Then, we report back to your leadership with information about hygiene, stock levels, rotation, temperature, and presentation in the dairy aisle.

Our unbiased evaluation at the store level helps inform company leadership of opportunities to implement or update hygiene best practices, offer secondary dairy placements and solve out-of-stocks – all with the goal of improving dairy sales figures.

of customers said a clean dairy case was most important
of customers reported that fresh dates were a top concern
of customers see at least one out of stock dairy item during a shopping trip

Our team visits more than 1,750 retail locations each quarter and evaluates the following:

  • Hygiene – emphasizing best practices for keeping the dairy case hygienic. Consumers buy more dairy when the case is clean. In fact, 85% of customers said a clean dairy case was most important to them. We know labor hours are short, especially now, so we help identify rotational cleaning plans to maximize time.
  • Stock Levels – we work to identify causes of out-of-stock items, whether it’s a true out of stock, the new stock has yet to be put out on the shelf, out of code items or supply issues. We can then work to solve the problem, so your shelves stay full. Did you know that 48% of customers see at least one out of stock and that 4.4% of them won’t buy a milk item at all if what they want is not available?
Man restocking milk at a grocery store
Man on his phone in front of yogurt in the dairy aisle
  • Rotation – making sure the shelves are full, but the dates on the shelf match so your store doesn’t end up with unsellable product. In one study we conducted, 53% of customers reported that fresh dates were a top concern when shopping for milk.
  • Temperature – we identify and train your team on ideal dairy temperatures and the importance for consumers and food safety of ensuring dairy foods stay cold.
  • Presentation – Our plan-o-gram program can identify which stores are following corporate store layout plans and which are not.

Ultimately, our team works to make sure you see your stores the way customers do so you can maximize dairy sales.

In fact, our system is updated daily, and reports are electronically distributed to retail leadership for evaluation.

The American Dairy Association North East team is here to help you. We are brand-agnostic and our only goal is to help you sell more dairy.

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“Thanks for all of your communication and feedback!  The program is making a difference and my team is actively reviewing and working towards correcting the issues identified.”

James Godfrey, Weis Markets Center Store Merchandising Director