This American Dairy Farmer Season 2

Century Farm Celebrates – Silver Spring Farm, Syracuse, NY

In the “Century Farm Celebrates” episode, we spend time with the Luchsinger family, in Syracuse, N.Y., who recently celebrated 100 years of competing in the Great New York State Fair. The Luchsinger family won their first ribbon in 1921, but we learn from Silver Spring Farm’s Chuck and Charlie Luchsinger that it was their 1938 ‘Breeder of the Year’ award that catapulted them into this important family legacy and a love of breeding cows.

farmer moving feed
farmers with an award
farmer at the bulk tank

Like Father, Like Daughter – Hemdale Farms, Seneca Castle, NY

In “Like Father, Like Daughter,” we meet Dairy Herd Manager Pete Maslyn, and his daughter, college senior Elizabeth Maslyn, a Gen Z dairy farmer who loves to share on social media all of the great things happening at Hemdale Farms in Seneca Castle, NY. She describes how her love of dairy farming started as a child on her family’s heifer operation, then continued as a dairy princess. She is now planning for her future after graduation from Cornell University this spring – a future that she predicts won’t be far from the farm life she loves.

farmer sitting next to a cow
cow on pasture
people on camera at a dairy farm

From Waste to Watts – Noblehurst Farms, Linwood, NY

In this episode, we introduce you to Chris Noble of Noblehurst Farms in Linwood, New York. Chris is a dad, a dairy farmer and a steward of the environment. He is the seventh generation to farm at Noblehurst. Chris explains how the farm’s anaerobic digester takes manure and combines it with food waste from grocery stores and universities to create energy.

This ‘waste to watts’ technology was born out of Noble’s desire to farm with the greatest level of care for the environment. Sustainable farming initiatives like this position Noblehurst Farms as a leader in the dairy industry. This cutting-edge way of farming has also created diverse businesses that help support their dairy operations.

noblehurst dairy farm
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