This American Dairy Farmer Season 3

Cows and Athletes Eat Alike – Aurora Ridge Dairy, Aurora, N.Y.

In this episode, Lucas Schonfeld, herd manager of Aurora Ridge Dairy, explains how proper nutrition is important for athletes and dairy cows alike.  He competes in triathlons with several Ironman finishes under his belt and says, “Training for a triathlon is not unlike how I care for my cows. Nutrition is a key to my training and success. We have a team of nutritionists at the farm who are focused on providing the essential nutrients that these cows need to produce quality milk.” Watch to see how Schonfeld competes in triathlons with his dad, just as he followed in his father’s dairy farming footsteps.

Happiest Person I Know – Stein Farms, LeRoy, N.Y.

In this episode, an exuberant Natasha Stein Sutherland recounts childhood at Stein Farms, the dairy farm that her grandfather started in 1956 with two cows that came with the property. Sutherland brings a unique perspective to the New York dairy industry, having spent seven years managing herds in New Zealand, where she met her husband while studying dairy science through Cornell University’s exchange program. Watch “This American Dairy Farmer” to see how Sutherland tends to her dairy herd while also looking after the pristine blue-ribbon trout stream that runs alongside Stein Farms.

Following Father’s Footsteps – Walnut Ridge Dairy, LLC, Lansing, N.Y.

In “Following Father’s Footsteps,” dairy farmer Jake Palladino says he strives to provide the best care to the cows and the people that he manages every day. The Cornell University graduate says he’s come a long way since he was just a boy doing odd jobs at the farm. When he got to Cornell University and started taking agriculture and dairy classes, Palladino says, “I fell in love with the science. I began to realize why we do all of these little things that we did when I was growing up and how important they are.”  Learn why Palladino is so passionate about farming, following in his father’s footsteps, and how having four older sisters helped prepare him for his career.

Overcoming Obstacles – Chapel’s Country Creamery, Easton, Md.

In “Overcoming Obstacles,” third-generation dairy farmer Trisha Knight Boyce details a relocation from Pennsylvania to Maryland. Moving is tough enough. Trisha did it while she battled adversity and had to learn to walk again – all in the same year as becoming a new mother! Trisha says she was inspired by her love for dairy farming as she recovered from the devastating injury. Learn about her road to recovery and see what drives her dedication to farm life at Chapel’s Country Creamery.

Sisters Sell Yogurt with Smiles – Painterland Farms, Westfield, Pa.

In “Sisters Sell Yogurt with Smiles,” dairy farmers Stephanie and Hayley Painter share with us how – as barefoot little girls – they saw their family farm as a magical place that connected nature with nourishment. Always intending to return to the rolling hills of their family farm in Westfield, Pa., the sisters are using their enterprising spirit and smiles to make a trendy, new dairy product. Their organic Icelandic-style Skyr yogurt brand launched in March and is made with the premium milk produced at Painterland Farms.

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