We follow Amos Coon from Coon Brothers Farm in Amenia, NY as he takes us behind the scenes of his picturesque family farm located outside of New York City in the Hudson Valley region. Amos (and Frankie the farm dog) share the farm’s rich, 70-year-old history and how the farm has grown from 40 Guernsey cows when his grandfather started in 1954, to the current size of milking over 320 cows.

In Episode 7, Amos discusses how the farm’s 2,000 acres of crops are farmed by the Coon family for themselves and for their neighbors. Over 90% of the feed for their herd comes from their crops. Amos discusses the ways in which they farm sustainably from no-till farming to cover crops.

We also learn about technology at Coon Brothers Farm and how GPS planters and other technology are essential to ensuring that the crops planted throughout their land have the water and nutrients that they need.

Our visit ends with a lesson in manure. We learn how it’s stored on the farm, when it’s used on the crops, and why it can’t be spread during rainfall.

In Episode 8, Amos discusses what dad life is like on his farm and how his young sons are following in his footsteps.