Our Virtual Farm Tours transport you digitally to a real dairy farm with the farmer as your LIVE guide! It’s simple to get started:

  1. Register at the links below for one tour, or many! You will be emailed your custom link to join. Each tour is unique and LIVE. If you can’t join us live, you will always be given a link to the recording on YouTube.
  2. Use our free lesson plans with our tours to engage students while meeting curriculum standards.
  3. Grab your device of choice the day of the tour and join us live. You can use a Zoom link, Facebook Live link, or YouTube link.

Upcoming Spring 2022 Tours – May

What to expect

We offer two kinds of tours to engage students of all ages!

Virtual Farm Tour- Pre-K – Grade 5

The first is a general Virtual Farm Tour designed for students in Pre-K – Grade 5 that covers the three primary areas of the farm: where the calves live, where the cows live, and where the cows are milked. While exploring these areas of the farm, the tour guide also incorporates key curricula from our free lesson plans. Students will get an overview of where their favorite dairy foods come from while learning about how local farmer care for their animals and the land.

Dairy Deep Dive Tour- Grades 6-12

The second type of tour is a deeper look into a specific area of each farm designed for students in Grades 6-12 that will cover one or two locations on the farm covering that area in detail.  These tours will often feature a specialist along with the farmer such as veterinarians, nutritionists, or environmental scientists. While exploring this area of the farm, the tour guide incorporates key curricula from our free lesson plans that meet classroom standards. Students will get a closer look at how farms use technology and experts to provide the highest care for animals and land.

FAQ and Vocabulary Sheets

Click the links below to download our tour FAQ and Vocabulary Sheet for the Virtual Farm Tour. This document will help enhance the students’ learning before and during the tour.

Watch Tours from April 28, 2022

Watch Tours from March 22, 2022

Want to see more Virtual Farm Tours?

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Fun on the Farm Facebook Series

American Dairy Association North East created the “Fun on the Farm” video series, where we partnered with different farmers who covered topics like cow and calf care, cow nutrition, milking procedures, and even cooking with dairy. The series is geared toward grades Pre-K – 3, and each episode is 15 minutes or less.

To watch these episodes, tune into our YouTube orFacebook  page.

Journey of Milk: Cow to Cup Video

Want to see where milk goes when it leaves the farm? Check out American Dairy Association North East’s Cow to Cup video. At 4:20, you can see a milk processing plant firsthand.