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2021 Promotions


MilkPEP is partnering with Pillsbury™ Soft Baked Cookies to drive incremental milk sales starting August 23rd. From 8/23/21-10/18/21, shoppers will discover this high value offer Buy 2 gallons of dairy milk & get one package of Pillsbury™ Soft Baked cookies FREE!

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Ongoing – Cross-Merchandising

Place HERSHEY’S® syrup near the milk case to increase sales of milk and ice cream with chocolate syrup.

Got Milk and “You’re Gonna Need Milk for That” Signage

The newest ‘Got Milk?’ programming and ‘You’re gonna need milk for that!’ offer opportunities to place fun signage near cereal, cookies, Grab and Go cases and more.

Chocolate Milk is the Official Drink of Halloween

Chocolate milk has long been the official drink of Halloween – encouraging parents to fuel their little ones with chocolate milk before they go out trick or treating. Signage for in-store, social posts and e-commerce packages are available.