Yogurt dividers make shopping the wide variety of yogurt available easy and convenient. Gone are the days of frustrated shoppers moving product around looking for the yogurt they want. Now, yogurts are more organized and easier to find for busy shoppers.

Did you know yogurt dividers were first piloted and tested by the team at American Dairy Association North East?

We piloted dividers in 2012 and commissioned a study that led to their adoption by nearly every major grocery retailer in the country. Our study showed:

  • Single cup yogurt sales increased with the use of dividers – by 14% year over year and 9% over the previous eight weeks.
  • Labor time was cut by 31% for single cup yogurt fixtures.
  • Stocking personnel and dairy managers had favorable opinions of the functionality and appearance.

The fixtures also reduce the time needed to rotate stock – ultimately leading to a reduction in labor of 34%. For a chain with approximately 230 locations, this leads to an annual cost savings of $850,000.

Talk to our Retail Experts Today About Dividers

” The ADANE has funded 5 of our stores with yogurt racks. The stores have found them to be very helpful in keeping the rows straight and rotation has been much easier thus reducing shrink.”

Carl Zawacki, Dairy Category Manager at Price Chopper
yogurt aisle at a grocery store
Before yogurt dividersBefore yogurt dividers