For customers who are shopping for a single meal, the dairy case is often too far to go. Our front-end merchandising moves dairy to the front of the store to help add dairy goodness to every shopper’s cart. Whether someone is shopping for a quick lunch during the work day or a parent is buying a ready-serve meal for the family, make sure milk is conveniently available at the front of your store.

Secondary Placements

We work to make sure dairy ends up in every grocery basket. This leads to a higher spend per customer and ultimately improves retail performance. Our creative secondary dairy placements have included: 

  •         Cheese in the meat department (cheeseburgers)
  •         Cheese with produce (brie and berries)
  •         Yogurt and whipped cream with berries
  •         Whipped cream with bakery items
  •         Shredded cheese with salads
  •         Butter with seafood

Cross merchandising with front-end coolers and secondary placements has led to a 7% lift in sales for our retail partners.

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