Who is American Dairy Association North East?

On behalf of the nearly 9,000 dairy farmers in the Northeast, American Dairy Association North East wants to help you understand who farmers are and how they raise the animals that make your milk. We want you to know how dairy farmers are good stewards of their land who always have an eye on the future of our shared resources.

We want you to know about milk’s 13 essential nutrients, its role in a healthy lifestyle and how it is the original sports drink.

We want you to see how committed dairy farmers are to supporting schools throughout the region by supporting access to the breakfast, lunch, and dinner they need to fuel a healthy lifestyle and 60 minutes of play every day.

We want you to meet our dairy farmers so you truly know that your milk comes from a good place.


How do we accomplish this?

Through programs in schools, with registered dietitians and health professionals, through high school sports associations, retail programs, consumer initiatives and more, we work to make sure everyone knows the essential role dairy plays in a healthy, sustainable and delicious life.

Learn more about our programs by exploring this website, our social media channels and contact us for more information.