Many grocers have updated produce sections to include farmer imagery, meat sections to clearly label products by type and frozen foods sections to ensure customers can find what they are looking for. Now, we can help you do the same for the dairy aisle with the Dairy Aisle Reinvention program.

Our program makes it easy for shoppers to slow down, take in messaging about dairy foods and even add some new ones to their cart. Dairy Aisle Reinvention works to contemporize and invigorate the dairy aisle by modernizing the look.

The best part? Shoppers report enjoying our reinvented dairy aisles more, and retailers report higher sales and lower labor costs.

We wouldn’t have you do all our new stores if we didn’t think it would sell more dairy. It’s part of any new store and remodel package.

Christopher DeFinizio, Wakefern

We work to engage shoppers by bringing clarity and organization to different shopping segments in the dairy aisle. We leverage the local appeal of dairy foods, incorporate customized signage that features local dairy farm families and clearly label the different types of dairy foods so customers can easily see what’s available.

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The response from a lot of the customers was that they thought we got new cases in the Dairy department! The sign packages really make the department stand out!

Brad Young, Advertising Director, Kuhn’s Markets: Pittsburgh, PA