Yogurt Dividers

Organize and re-invigorate the yogurt case with these simple dividers. Not only do they enhance the shopper experience by making the case more organized, but they save in labor costs (up to 31%), simplify product rotation and increase sales.

Before yogurt dividersBefore yogurt dividers
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Cheese Pushers

Cheese pushers ensure that cheese is always stocked and allows customers can easily find the variety they are looking for. With so many options in the cheese department, this simple tool really helps!

Dairy section before cheese pushersDairy section after cheese pushers
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Cross Merchandising and Secondary Placements

Our front-end cooler program helps target retail customers who are doing a quick trip for a single meal. These coolers give your quick trip customers who won’t make it back to the dairy aisle a chance to grab a gallon of milk before heading to check out.

We also use shopper affinity data to find creative secondary placements throughout stores in order to further grow sales. We find opportunities to place dairy with items that pair well – such as whipped cream next to fresh berries or shredded cheese next to salads.

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