Kids love milk, cheese, and yogurt and we can help you integrate them in new and exciting ways while still meeting School Nutrition Programs requirements.

Strive for 35

Remember, students drink more milk – and get more of the thirteen essential nutrients – if you serve it to them cold. Always strive for 35 degrees for storage and delivery of milk!

Registration begins October 23, 2023.

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Breakfast After the Bell

Learn about Breakfast After the Bell. This program ensures all students start the school day ready to learn. Click here to find out how we can help you re-imagine this program.

Just Say Cheese

Everyone loves cheese! It’s also one of the most popular food items on school menus — whether served alone, in an entrée or as a topping. Cheese helps kids eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and it is an excellent source of vitamins and calcium.

Helping students get more of the delicious, nutrient-packed cheese they love is easy with these ideas:

  • Serve brunch for lunch
  • Make gourmet grilled cheese
  • Top salads and pasta with cheese
The "Just say cheese!" logo with script typography in yellow.

Learn more about our Just Say Cheese program.

Get more suggestions for including cheese when you sign up for our Just Say Cheese Program! Contact us today!

Hot Chocolate Milk

A long-time favorite with students of all ages! Serving flavored milk with reimbursable meals is compliant with USDA guidelines. Learn more about our Hot Chocolate Milk program here.

The "Hot Chocolate Milk" logo with a disposable cup of hot chocolate.


Lattes are a popular beverage among students and adults. In an ongoing trend, many routinely pick up coffee drinks on their way to school. According to the National Coffee Association, 37% of high school-age kids drink coffee products, and the number is growing.

The "Moo Latte" logo with an illustration of a cow.

You can not only take advantage of this situation, but you can make it healthier for students by ensuring they get milk with their coffee. Lattes contain more milk than coffee, and students can benefit from the 13 essential nutrients in milk, in a popular form that is on trend.

Learn more about how to start serving lattes!


Yogurt smoothies and parfaits are proven crowd-pleasers – and highly versatile! Serve these popular, nutritious items the easy way, with recipes here.

Smoothies can be made with fruit and vegetables in a variety of flavors and parfaits can be sweet or savory. Both are easy to add to Grab & Go menus. Find out more.

The "Yogurt All Ways" logo

New York Thursdays

Foods grown and raised in New York are featured in New York public schools every Thursday. Find out how to help students learn more about locally-produced food.

Summer Meals Marketing Guide

Summer meals are important for children who rely on school meals during the school. We have resources to make your summer meal site a success. Check them out here.

New Look of School Milk

Studies show that when milk is served cold in plastic bottles, kids are more likely to choose it. Give milk a contemporary feel by serving in plastic bottles!

Fuel Up 

Integrate the healthy meals you serve with student leadership and physical activity by implementing Fuel Up! Learn more here.

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